We Are Disturbed by the Assault & Kidnapping of ActionSA Councillor

We, as ActionSA, are extremely disturbed to hear about the kidnapping and assault of one of our public representatives last night who was instructed by the perpetrators to quit politics. We are happy to learn that the councillor is recovering, and after voting this morning, I will give Councillor Sello Mabelebele a visit at his home after being admitted to hospital over the night. 

The erosion of the rule of law has become increasingly evident, leaving millions of South Africans vulnerable and left to fend for themselves against this lawlessness.

Youth Forum Chairperson, Hluphi Gafane, and I were involved in a horrifying hijacking early this month, and despite being provided with intel such as the identities of the suspects to the South African Police Services, a day after the incident, zero arrests have been made and all my belongings, including my vehicle are still at large.

An ActionSA government will prioritise restoring law and order so that residents feel safe in their homes and trust the South African Police Service to protect them. Furthermore, we will ensure that the rule of law returns and that harsh measures are applied to all criminals who will receive a minimum of 15 years without parole.

A case will be opened, and action will be taken to ensure that those responsible for committing this heinous act are held accountable. But for matters to improve, we implore South Africans to come out in their numbers and to vote for a government that will lead with action rather than just words.

Enough is enough. We cannot, as a society, tolerate nor normalise the constant obstruction of the law. Under ActionSA, the rule of law and other productive measures will be implemented to empower South Africans.