Zuma Release Is a Patent Abuse of Our Legal System

ActionSA has noted the release from prison, on grounds of medical parole, of former President Jacob Zuma, following his suddenly grave medical condition upon his much-delayed incarceration two months ago.

Zuma’s arrest, two months ago, was a victory for the rule of law and affirmed that no single individual is above the law and our Constitution. His release undermines what little faith may have been developing in the effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System and its ability to hold the most powerful amongst us accountable.

For better or for worse, Zuma’s release confirms that indeed the criminal justice system treats the most powerful amongst us with kid gloves and allows them to evade justice and accountability at the first opportunity. This is unacceptable.

The rule of law is a sacrosanct, constitutionally-enshrined, guiding principle that cannot be applied strictly to some and loosely to others. The fact that the ANC-led government functionaries allow this to be the case for powerful people in and around the ANC undermines society’s attempts at ensuring that this principle is respected by all.

Ultimately South Africans must decide for themselves how much longer they will allow this abhorrent state of affairs to continue. In about 52 days, they will have an opportunity to speak out against this by voting to install governments that will ensure that the powerful are brought to book.

The only way to bring an end to the ANC’s criminality is to vote them out in the upcoming Local Government Elections, and again, in the National Government Elections of 2024.

We will ensure that the long arm of the law reaches those behind the creation of state capture and the corruption which has robbed millions of South Africans of much-needed service delivery. They will not escape accountability forever.

ActionSA stands ready to provide an alternative to the broken political system that has failed South Africans. We have assembled a team of South Africans committed to public service and not service of political parties, who have the skills, experience, and knowledge to achieve our vision for a country that works for all its residents.

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