WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT OUR MANIFESTO FOR THE 2024 national and provincial elections!

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Presenting ActionSA’s Team Fix South Africa:
a credible alternative to the failed political establishment

#TeamFixSA is a team of skilled and dedicated individuals who will be part of our parliamentary list, providing a credible alternative to the current failed political establishment. These individuals are not career politicians or compromised leaders.
They are ethical leaders who possess the necessary qualifications and expertise to tackle SA’s most pressing issues and have real-world experience in the ministerial portfolios that they intend to lead.
This is the team that will fix South Africa post-2024 elections and restore it to a path of prosperity!

ActionSA Policy Conference

ActionSA’s inaugural policy conference, where hundreds of delegates will come together from all nine provinces, to deliberate over a set of thought-provoking and inspirational solutions aimed at realising our South African Dream – ActionSA’s vision for an inclusive and prosperous South Africa, took place from 12 – 14 September.

Over the course of these three days, South Africans witnessed the most diverse and fastest-growing political party in the country, developing a solutions blueprint for their country. 

We represent all South Africans who are determined to set our country free from the restraints of a broken political system and build a prosperous, non-racial and secure future for all its people.

We will act as one to build a South Africa we can all be proud of. We will act as one to put our values and principles into action. We will not be a party of words, we will be a party of deeds.

The time for talking is over, South Africa needs action!