We can only fix South Africa if we fix basic service delivery and invest in critical infrastructure. ActionSA will place the service delivery needs of our residents at the centre of everything we do, and ensure that municipal budgets respond to the pressing needs of residents.

Customer-centric governance that delivers service with pride

  • Service standards charters: we will place the needs of residents first by setting minimum acceptable turnaround times for the resolution of service delivery issues, like pothole repairs and water leaks. We will do this by adopting service standards charters that hold officials and departments accountable for non-performance.
  • Service-driven municipal budgets: we will reprioritise municipal budgets to ensure financial resources are directed primarily to service delivery, while
    cutting on non-strategic expenditure like marketing, catering, and travel. Every cent of rates and service charges we collect must go towards improving our
    municipalities for their residents.
  • Responsive customer service: we will overhaul the customer service experience to ensure that municipal staff and all our public facilities are equipped to provide caring, responsive, reliable and efficient service to residents. We will always be guided by an unwavering focus on service delivery and putting the needs of our residents first.
  • Fair and equitable service fees: we will prioritise operational efficiency to reduce the cost of delivering services. Savings will be transferred to residents
    through minimising annual increases, to ensure that residents receive value for their money.

Sustainable and future-oriented government

  • Battling climate change: we will commit ourselves to international imperatives fighting climate change and integrate sustainability into operating models. We believe that we have a responsibility to future generations and will take that into account in our governance.
  • Clean and neat public spaces: we will unite communities to work with our municipalities to ensure that we take better care of the environment by promoting a culture of reducing, re-using, and recycling waste. We will tackle illegal dumping and ensure our streets and public spaces are well maintained.
  • Community clean up campaigns: our municipalities will work in partnership with our communities, civic organisations, and the private sector to
    keep our communities clean, safe, and healthy. Everyone must play their part in fixing and maintaining our municipal environments.
  • Green spaces: we will invest in tree-planting and greening initiatives to ensure our residents have access to high quality green open spaces, while reducing our municipal carbon footprints.
  • Clean air and water: we will commit our municipalities to take progressive action to improve air quality, and ensure that all residents have access to potable
    drinking water that meets stringent health standards.
  • Protecting our biodiversity: South Africa’s natural beauty and diversity is a legacy that we must protect for future generations. We will protect our fauna and
    flora against irresponsible exploitation. Anyone causing damage to the environment through negligence or malice will be held accountable.
  • Resilience: we will ensure that our municipalities have feasible disaster-risk management plans in place – backed by trained and capacitated Emergency
    Services departments – to ensure that our residents are protected against external shocks like environmental disasters and pandemics.

Investment into critical infrastructure and basic services

  • Water supply: we will actively work toward stabilising the water supply by repairing and maintaining existing infrastructure and investing in new
    infrastructure. This will include a dedicated budget to replace or refurbish ageing supply networks to provide the additional capacity required for new development
  • Sanitation: we will work towards achieving universal access to basic sanitation for all our residents while we will continue to invest in upgrading ageing
    municipal sewerage networks. Everyone should have the dignity of adequate sanitation.
  • Roads and bridges: our service standards will include aggressive targets for fixing potholes. We will increase investment into the maintenance and upgrading of our road network and bridges to provide an efficient transport network.
  • Stability of electricity supply: we will address electricity interruptions by ensuring our municipal transmission grids are properly maintained, while
    cracking down on illegal connections and cable theft.
  • Electricity network upgrades: we will invest in replacing ageing infrastructure and pursue procurement from independent power producers to
    increase competition and reduce tariffs for our residents. We will ultimately work toward ensuring our residents are no longer reliant on Eskom for electricity.
  • Refuse collection: all communities, formal and informal, will have access to regular refuse removal services, with increased shifts in high-density areas.
  • Prevention of illegal dumping: we will aggressively work to prevent illegal dumping and prosecute individuals and organisations guilty of infringing the
    by-laws. We will increase fines for perpetrators to ensure that they serve as a meaningful deterrent.