We need committed, ethical and professional public servants to succeed with our vision of fixing South Africa. We will declare corruption as Public Enemy Number 1, prosecute the corrupt, prevent further corruption through improved controls and oversight, and encourage and protect whistle-blowers.

Zero tolerance for corruption

  • Forensic and investigative services: we will establish dedicated independent forensics units in each of our municipalities, with the mandate to
    investigate all potential corrupt activities. No one will be above the law.
  • Lifestyle audits: all political office bearers, senior officials and officials working in building plan approvals, supply chain management, electricity connections, and other positions where bribes are likely to be offered, will be subjected to lifestyle audits.
  • Protecting whistleblowers: we will encourage whistleblowing by providing protection and security to whistleblowers and reward whistleblowing that leads to
    the successful prosecution of the corrupt.
  • Corruption risk assessments: upon taking office, we will mandate administration-wide corruption risk assessments to identify and fix any processes that provide the opportunity for corruption.
  • Improved transparency: we will improve the transparency of our municipalities’ financial management and adopt stringent financial controls. We
    will partner with non-governmental organisations and civil society to ensure that there are dedicated independent corruption watchdogs in our municipalities.
    Residents deserve accountability from those responsible for spending their rates and service charges.
  • Adopting a corruption blacklist: we will ban service providers, employees or individuals convicted of corruption from ever doing business with or being employed by our municipalities.

Reformed human resource management

  • Professionalising of our administrations: from day one, appointments will be made on merit and competency. Political patronage and cadre
    deployment will have no place in our administrations.
  • Skills audits: we will conduct skills audits to identify any officials improperly appointed to their positions and ensure that all officials are capable of fulfilling
    their duties.
  • Talent acquisition: we will reform recruitment practices to ensure that we hire only competent and ethical employees to work for our municipalities, while working to recruit skilled graduates into the public sector.
  • Performance management: we will implement innovative performance management systems that rewards service with pride and holds officials that fail to serve residents adequately, accountable for their non-performance.
  • Accountability: we will improve measures aimed at holding officials accountable for not doing their jobs, such as enforcing performance agreements with specific targets and deliverables at all levels of the administration. We will implement consequence management to remedy poor performance.