30 Days of Security Officers and Cleaners camping outside Edenvale Hospital over Unpaid Salaries and Unfair Dismissal

Today, marks 30 days since Security Officers and Cleaners have been camping outside Edenvale Hospital due to unpaid salaries for three (3) months and ultimately were unfairly dismissed.

These workers first approached ActionSA through their union, SACSAAWU, claiming that the company that hired them named JackCliffy Trading, of whom got the tender from the Gauteng Department of Health can no longer be found and is missing. They have since taken to camp outside Edenvale Hospital, day and night, while their matter is ongoing.

On the 16th of February, ActionSA President, Herman Mashaba visited the scene where the worker’s have been camping and requested me in the presence of the camping workers to write an immediate letter to the Department of Health and the MEC, of which was done on the same day. The letter was requesting the MEC as the appointing authority of the labour broker to intervene and were given 7 days to respond. To date, no response at all has been received.

Noting the above, ActionSA, as communicated in the letter to the Department has no other alternative but to consider the legal route against the Department of Health, as we seek to fight for the rights of the workers.

Meanwhile, JackCliffy Trading and its owner Mr Moses Malada cannot be located.

It is scenarios such as these that demonstrate now more than ever that Insourcing is the best solution in order to cut out the middleman who are usually tenderpreneurs linked to the Tripartite Alliance which comprises of the ANC, COSATU and the SACP. For as long as they continue to be in government then corruption and exploitation will continue to be extensive.

ActionSA will continue to fight for the rights of those who have been exploited and marginalized by a government that does not care about the very own they proclaim to fight for. We will continue to place the plight of our people first, and place politics last.

ActionSA will also continue to call for the Insourcing of security officers and cleaners across all government departments across the country before 2024 or will action it ourselves when in government in 2024.