We believe that criminals, not law-abiding residents, are the ones that must live in fear. All residents have the right to be safe and feel safe in their communities.

Law enforcement

  • Increased police presence: we will increase the number of municipal law enforcement officers on the ground in communities. We will ultimately strive to have a minimum of one municipal law enforcement officer for every 1,000 residents in our municipalities.
  • Inter-governmental operations to improve services to legal immigrants: we will work with the Department of Home Affairs and the South African Police Service to address illegal immigration while ensuring that legitimate asylum-seekers, refugees, and skilled migrants can legally and fully enjoy access municipal services.
  • Addressing illegal immigration through inter-governmental relations: we will actively work with the Department of Home Affairs, National Treasury, and other relevant government entities to ensure that it is easier for foreign nationals to enter our country legally or to get protected legal status. Where the national government fails to process undocumented foreign nationals, we will lobby for additional grant funding and the delegation of powers to our municipalities so that we can do the work ourselves.
  • By-law enforcement: we will launch multi-disciplinary enforcement projects to ensure our municipalities’ by-laws are enforced without fear or favour. This includes conducting audits of businesses to ensure that they are compliant with the applicable legislation and regulations, and that all employees working in our municipalities have the legal right to do so.
  • Improved crime prevention: we will use training and technology, such as expanded CCTV networks monitored by well-trained and professional staff, to improve our officers’ ability to prevent crime.
  • Establish and expand K9 Narcotics Units: we will ensure that our municipal police services have dedicated K9 Narcotics Units targeting drug-related crimes and the trafficking of illegal substances.
  • Municipal courts: we will establish modern and well-resourced municipal courts to ensure the speedy resolution of by-law infringements.

Community safety

  • Public lighting: we will identify crime hotspots and ensure those areas are adequately lit to improve visibility and safety.
  • Community safety partnerships: we will collaborate with communities, government agencies and the private sector on community safety projects.