ActionSA Champions the disconnection of illegal connections to electricity and water in Ekurhuleni

The ActionSA Ekurhuleni Caucus have successfully pressured and assisted the City of Ekurhuleni to disconnect illegal water and electricity connections at three properties in Primrose, Germiston.

This followed similar actions by ActionSA in January where we helped to arrest an illegal immigrant in Primrose who hijacked a building and was illegally charging rent and extorting residents.

The ActionSA Ekurhuleni Caucus joined the City of Ekurhuleni on their Operation Buya Mthetho in Primrose Germiston on Thursday where the three houses where disconnected, and Department of Home Affairs immigration officers detained six undocumented foreign nationals found at these properties.

The three houses were found not only to have been hijacked by an undocumented immigrant, but also was illegally connected to electricity and water. The ActionSA Ekurhuleni Caucus successfully passed a motion in the Ekurhuleni city council in September 2022 to reclaim hijacked buildings in the city, and we are currently ensuring that the motion is being implemented to assist the city in its rehabilitation efforts.

Illegal connections to electricity and water cost the City of Ekurhuleni millions in lost revenue, and this at a time when revenue collections continue to decline. In the months ahead, ActionSA will continue with its efforts to restore law and order in the City of Ekurhuleni and to reclaim the city from hijackers who illegally connect and receive services.

As a party that fully adheres to the rule of law, ActionSA believes that economic growth and job creation cannot occur while illegal activities take place, and will therefore do everything in our power to ensure that the rule of law is restored.