ActionSA Changes Official Slogan to Let’s Fix South Africa

At a meeting of the ActionSA Senate on Friday, our highest decision-making body, ActionSA has resolved to change the official slogan codified in the launch of our Party. 

Originally the slogan was announced as Act As One, a call to South Africans to unite and come together in the interests of building a truly multi-racial party in which all South Africans can find a political home. The view of the Senate is that ActionSA has accomplished this objective and already stands as the most diverse political party in South Africa.

The Senate has adopted our election campaign message as the official new slogan of the party to be captured in our constitution – Let’s Fix South Africa.

The rationale of this choice lies in our commitment to provide hope to all South Africans against the despair that has become associated with the failed political establishment. We must be the party that makes South Africans believe that our country can be fixed and to put real solutions on the table to address the real challenges faced by South Africans daily. 

ActionSA believes our country is loaded with potential and its people are good, freedom-loving, and resilient people who have withstood nearly 3 decades of failed government. We see it as the mission of our 2024 election campaign to galvanise South Africans, of all backgrounds, that we can come together to Fix South Africa.