ActionSA Condemns Department of Education Over Scholar Transport Chaos in Humansdorp and Steps In to Assist

ActionSA is deeply concerned about the scholar transport crisis affecting learners in Kouga, who are impacted by the sporadic scholar transport issues in Sea Vista/St Francis Bay.

ActionSA is actively intervening to address the immediate challenges and is committed to advocating for sustainable solutions that ensure the uninterrupted education of our youth in those area.

Reports indicate that the departmental transport to these schools is generally inconsistent, with no transport provided on the first day of school and continuing issues persisting today. Compounding the problem is the requirement for parents to pay R500.00 every two weeks, totalling R1000.00 per month for private transport services. Adding to the frustration, it has been reported that the new transport contracts are not yet available.

The heart-breaking stories of students left stranded without reliable transport demands immediate attention and action. ActionSA stepped in to provide assistance to transport some of the learners during this scholar transport crisis. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, ActionSA has taken the initiative to transport some of the learners to school when the Department of Education’s transport system has failed them.

The situation in Kouga is not sustainable, and the Department of Education must fulfil its responsibility to ensure reliable and consistent scholar transport for the affected schools. ActionSA remains committed to addressing the immediate needs of the community and advocating for long-term solutions to prevent future disruptions to the education of our youth.

An ActionSA government will ensure that our children have access to high quality educational opportunities tailored to their needs and circumstances and believes that this is an essential requirement for improving the development of our society.