ActionSA Condemns EFF’s National Shutdown and Threats of Criminality

ActionSA unequivocally condemns the Economic Freedom Fighters’ threats of a “national shutdown” on the 20th of March. We particularly condemn the EFF’s threats of mass anarchy and lawlessness, and that business that do not voluntarily shutdown may be subjected to looting.

We cannot allow a radical minority to dictate the economic activity of our nation, especially when we are already facing significant barriers to improving our society for all. The EFF’s stated threat to national key points, including OR Tambo and ports of trade, is not only unresponsible, but criminal.

The EFF either fails to understand – or simply do not care – that such a shutdown will cause economic losses that will likely lead to the retrenchment of the workers they supposedly represent. Additionally, police and emergency services will have to be reverted from providing critical services to poor communities to deal with the EFF’s criminality.

South Africa’s economy is already suffering under a myriad of ANC-induced crises. The last thing South Africans need is the EFF inciting its members to cause further destruction. We also cannot afford to send the message that we are a nation of thugs to the international community at a time that we desperately need to attract foreign investment to grow the economy and create jobs.

The EFF has shown time and again that they are a party of thuggery with very little interest in the real impact that their actions have on society. Under Julius Malema’s leadership, the party continues to sow divisions and conduct itself in a way that has no place in our constitutional democracy.

We encourage our law enforcement agencies to put an end any attempts by the EFF to conduct these unlawful protests, and for the SAPS and SANDF to be on standby to prevent looting and damage to property. Should the protests continue and violence result from such issues, ActionSA will not hesitate to lay criminal complaints of inciting violence against the EFF’s leadership.

Political demonstrations are a Constitutional right, but must happen within the ambit of our laws. While we agree with the EFF that the ANC government has failed South Africans, we strongly condemn the violent nature of protest that the EFF’s leadership is promoting.

ActionSA understands South Africa’s frustrations with the ANC government, but we cannot resolve South Africa’s problems through lawlessness. The only way we can fix South Africa is to remove the ANC from power. We call on all South Africans to use their democratic powers to vote for a better future rather than using their power to destroy our economy even further.