ActionSA Disheartened by the Granting of Bail for Krugersdorp Passport Fraud Syndicate

ActionSA is disheartened by yesterday’s Krugersdorp Magistrate Court’s decision to grant bail for 26 suspects implicated in the Krugersdorp Passport Fraud Syndicate.

The syndicate, reported to include Pakistani foreign nationals as well as allegedly corrupt South African Home Affairs officials are facing multiple charges of corruption, being in possession of suspected fraudulent documents and contravening the Immigration Act.

It is also unfortunate that the Magistrate opted to reduce the initial bail amount of R2000 to R500 despite the seriousness of the crime for which they are charged. Moreover, two suspects failed to show up in court. The Magistrate ruled that a warrant of arrest be issued for the two culprits.

During the first bail hearing on 12 April this year, accused number one, a Pakistani foreign national who allegedly entered South Africa illegally and obtained his asylum fraudulently was denied bail for fear of being a possible high flight risk and his fake asylum status revoked.

It remains ActionSA’s view that while we respect the Court’s decision to grant the suspects bail, we still assert that bail should have never been granted. ActionSA will follow up on the issuing of the warrant of arrest.

South Africans have had enough. It is high time that we restore law and order in our society. We have, over time unwittingly allowed lawlessness, corruption, and for wrongdoers to carry on with impunity.

The fact that some people have made it possible for the culture of flouting the law to take root in our society means that we have our work cut out for us if we have any hope of reversing their gains and restore the rule of law in our country.