ActionSA Launches Nationwide Campaign to Share our South African Dream of a Post-ANC South Africa

Note to Editor: ActionSA has launched a new video and a webpage dedicated to sharing our South African Dream – our vision for an inclusive and prosperous South Africa – with the people of our nation. The video can be found here and the webpage can be accessed here.

While Parliament spends this week debating President Ramaphosa’s State of National Looting announced last week, ActionSA will be embarking on a nationwide campaign to engage ordinary South Africans about our South African Dream. This is our vision for an inclusive and prosperous future where we have been freed from the ANC, allowing us to unlock the potential of our beloved country.

This follows the successful launch of ActionSA’s South African Dream last week at the factory where I launched Black Like Me in Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria, in 1985. This factory is symbolic not only because it is the site where I launched my business, but because this area is now a shadow of its former glory. Once a hive of economic activity, large parts of Ga-Rankuwa are now abandoned as a result of the failed economic policies of the ruling party.

This needs to change. We need to reignite the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, making it easier for businesses to grow, and ensure that all South Africans have an opportunity for upward mobility.

At a time when the country is battling continued load-shedding, a cost-of-living crisis and increased service delivery failures, South Africans are in urgent need of reasons why hope should not be lost. South Africa has lost confidence in President Cyril Ramaphosa who, after seven States of the Nation Addresses (SoNA), has failed to deliver on his most basic promises while Parliament has failed the people of South Africa spectacularly in its mandate to hold the Executive to account.

The truth is that, with polling showing that the ANC is now more vulnerable than ever – with some polls suggesting that may drop below 40% – for the first time, a real possibility is beginning to emerge that the ANC can be removed from government, and an ethical and competent coalition government formed that will prioritise the needs of our people.

ActionSA’s commitment to the South African Dream is not a pie-in-the-sky vision of what our nation can become. It is an unwavering belief that there are better days if we unite behind a collective objective to fix South Africa.

If ActionSA continues on its current growth trajectory – having demonstrated strong growth in recent by-elections in wards that reflect the full diversity of our nation – we have no doubt that we can assist in removing the ANC from power and play a leading role in establishing a viable and functional alternative to the status quo.

ActionSA’s South African Dream campaign will see me, and our nine Provincial Chairpersons criss-cross the country to share our vision of hope for prosperity with all communities. We want to convince South Africans that there is reason to be optimistic about the future.

These engagements will form part of a widescale public outreach process in the run-up to our inaugural Policy Conference later this year, where we will be finalising the solutions needed to make the South African Dream a reality. We believe these solutions will not come from politicians, but the people of our country who deal with our most pressing challenges on a daily basis.

ActionSA has already shown what we can do when we are in government, from prioritising service delivery to all, eradicating corruption, introducing accountability and installing ethical leadership. We stand ready to take that difference to the whole of South Africa.

This is only the start of what ActionSA can do, and we look forward to sharing with the whole of South Africa what can be done after 2024.

The South African Dream is within reach.