ActionSA Launches Public Consultation to Guide Approach to Multi-Party Pact

Today, ActionSA has launched a public consultation programme to ensure that it is guided by the voices of all South Africans.

This is done ahead of a first-of-its-kind national multi-party pact convention to be held on 16 & 17 August 2023 and the launch video can be accessed here.

ActionSA will be engaged in conversations with South Africans via online and social media platforms and leaders of the party will be engaging people in the streets about their views.

A series of questions have been developed (accessed here) to survey South Africans on:

  • What principles should guide ActionSA in this convention?
  • Whether they agree with the parties currently part of the pact discussions and if these parties can inspire disillusioned South Africans to turn out to vote in record numbers?
  • Whether this pact should be a broad church of parties or a narrow group?
  • What the attitude of parties in a possible pact should be towards the ANC and parties aligned to the ANC?
  • Whether the local government coalition experience has dampened the mood of South Africans ahead of next year’s elections?
  • What form of joint, multi-party collaboration should arise from a possible pact?

ActionSA has a track record in engaging the views of South Africans. These ambitions and hopes for South Africa informed the establishment of ActionSA and it must now inform our approach to a possible multi-party pact. ActionSA is mindful that we now represent the hopes and ambitions of many South Africans, as do many of the parties that will gather for the convention next month.

This multi-party convention cannot succeed if it is political leaders speaking for themselves and their parties, but rather must speak for millions of South Africans who seek change that puts South Africa on the path to a better future. This will require something which has been decidedly absent in coalitions to date – the placement of South Africans ahead of narrowly defined party political interests.

ActionSA is committed to the outcomes of this public engagement process and will represent the views of South Africans strongly at the convention next month. The period of public engagement will continue for the remainder of this week after which ActionSA will schedule a press briefing to feedback on the outcomes.