ActionSA Pressure A Vital Cog In The Machine That Took Down Government’s Senseless Covid-19 Regulations

ActionSA is the only political party in South Africa that, along with other applicants, is part of a case to be heard in the Gauteng North High Court on 25 th to 27th July to declare the regulations pertaining to mask wearing, gatherings and entry into the country as unconstitutional, ultra vires
and irrational.

On the night of 22 June 2022, televised news reports across the country have declared that these regulations are set to be dropped.

This will likely have the effect of the court case not proceeding as intended. This is, however, a real example and a historic moment which shows South Africans that government cannot act arbitrarily and that organisations like ActionSA are on hand to fight for you.

These regulations have been scrapped in a bid to avoid embarrassment over what would have been a clear loss in court; as all science points to an increase in herd immunity in South Africa, the fact that cloth masks are no longer effective in combating the virus and that there is an urgent needs for businesses to get back on track. Normality returns!

History will show that we were the only political party in South Africa willing to take the necessary step to join this action and to stand up against your rights being taken away.

This is a victory for South Africa, our Constitution and the freedoms of the South African people.