ActionSA Provides Feedback to Kliptown Residents About Bucket Toilets Motion that ANC-EFF Coalition Rejected

ActionSA today visited the community of Kliptown to provide residents with feedback on the motion we tabled in the City of Johannesburg Council in March which asked the city’s Executive to develop a bucket toilet eradication plan for all informal settlements. However, the motion was blocked by the ANC-EFF coalition, with some insisting that there are no bucket toilets in Johannesburg.

The ANC-EFF’s failure to address the issue of bucket toilets in Kliptown, Soweto, and their failure to vote in favour of an ActionSA motion to eradicate these toilets vindicates ActionSA’s position that they should urgently be removed from power in the City of Johannesburg.

This is yet another reason why our motion of no confidence in puppet Johannesburg Mayor and his handlers in the ANC and EFF should be supported.

They simply do not care about the plight of the poor in Johannesburg but are instead obsessed with gaining access to the city’s coffers and hoarding power.

When I, alongside ActionSA activists, visited the community of Kliptown on this morning, to give feedback to residents about the motion we tabled to remove the bucket and chemical toilets, I was appalled by the state of these “ablution facilities” in the community which are unreliably serviced by the city.

ActionSA specifically tabled the motion in the City of Johannesburg Council in March after identifying bucket and chemical toilets in Kliptown and many other communities. We asked the city to investigate the complete eradication of bucket and chemical toilets as the city spends millions servicing these toilets each year. This money that could’ve been spent installing flush toilets in the community instead and in so doing restoring the dignity of the people I these communities.

As a party committed to social justice, ActionSA cannot allow the ANC-EFF coalition of doom to get away with mistreating our communities and we look forward to our motion of no confidence being heard on 25 April 2023.

For too long our communities have been let down and forgotten. ActionSA is committed to ensuring that their voices are heard and that service delivery in their communities is improved.