ActionSA Raises Concerns Over Unacceptable KZN Department of Social Development’s NPO Funding Reductions

ActionSA is deeply concerned about the KZN Department of Social Development (DoSD) reducing funding to non-profit organisations (NPOs).

In a recent letter to all funded NPOs, the Head of the Department of DoSD, Mrs NI Vilakazi, has advised that all funded NPOs can expect reduced funding in the upcoming years.

This letter has created much panic and anxiety amongst NPOs who are reliant on government funding. These NPOs provide services to the most vulnerable, including the aged, disabled, orphaned and abandoned children, and it is unacceptable that the funding to these organisations is being cut.

This funding will directly impact the level of care these NPOs can provide to their beneficiaries. In addition, many NPOs are operating under extreme financial constraints, and these funding cuts will result in numerous NPOs closing their doors. The impact of this on the vulnerable will be catastrophic.

The key responsibility of the DoSD is to provide social development, protection, and welfare services to the public, including funding NPOs. It is a sombre day when corruption and incompetence in the DoSD and across all governmental organisations have impacted the DoSD’s ability to meet this responsibility.

In addition, many NPOs continually get paid late by the DoSD. These late payments have massive negative consequences for the NPOs and their beneficiaries. These late payments and the funding cuts clearly demonstrate the DoSD’s non-caring nature and inability to meet its mandate.

ActionSA considers the conduct by the ANC-led DoSD unacceptable and shows a clear lack of empathy for the vulnerable and the organisations that provide services and care for them. There is doubt that the Head of Department of DoSD, Mrs NI Vilakazi, and all the staff for DoSD are not getting their salaries cut or unpaid. This lack of empathy further demonstrates how uncaring the ANC-led government has become.

As ActionSA, we will urgently be writing the provincial MEC for DoSD and MEC for Finance and to the Premier, asking that these funding cuts immediately be placed on hold and the late payments be urgently addressed.

If the funding cuts and late payments continue, ActionSA will consider legal action against the DoSD to compel them to meet their responsibilities.

The KZN NPO and the vulnerable in their care deserve better.