It's Official! ActionSA is a Registered Political Party.

ActionSA has received written communication from the IEC that confirms our application to be registered as a political party has been approved.

This follows the decision taken by ActionSA to forego its legal challenge of the IEC previous decisions and make the changes to the logo that would see the party registered. This decision was inspired by the need to focus on the issues that matter to South Africans.

See our new logo here!

Our new logo, which has been approved by the IEC, remains consistent with the logo that was originally filed. This was important to ActionSA because its identity was the subject of a 9-month long public engagement process. It keeps the shapes of the South African flag infused with the direction arrow denoting the progress of the A for action. In real terms, the colours of the logo have simply changed to green.

The registration of ActionSA is a significant milestone for our party, only a few months old, in its important work to offer the first real alternative that can unseat the ANC.

It is important to note that during the challenges with to register to the IEC, ActionSA did not slow down its important work in anyway. The #ActasOne Tour has seen the party delivering its offer across the country and our structures continue to grow, now standing with 160 000 volunteers.

The work of building ActionSA as the only alternative capable of unseating the ANC continues without delay. The news of our registration, well important, is a milestone in a long road to the 2021 elections with an enormous task ahead to which every ActionSA member remains deeply committed.