ActionSA Terminates Membership of Councillor for Collusion Against Coalition in Tshwane

ActionSA’s Senate met last night and voted to terminate the membership of Nkele Molapo who was believed to be, in part, responsible for coordinating with some of our councillors who do not support the multi-party Coalition’s decision to support the vote for a new coalition mayor in the City of Tshwane.

ActionSA further notes reports alleging that Senate terminated her membership based solely on her personal relationship which simply isn’t true. Ms Molapo’s relationship with Mr Tau has been a matter of public record for some time.

It is believed that Ms Molapo was involved in gathering information about complaints made against ActionSA members shortly before the information featuring prominently in speeches made by Tau. Ms Molapo also faced a prima facie case which made it clear that she had intimidated and/or harassed members of our Tshwane Caucus in an attempt to destabilise the party.

We wish her well in her future endeavours.