ActionSA Thanks Mpho Phalatse for Her Service to the Residents of Johannesburg

ActionSA thanks former City of Johannesburg mayor Mpho Phalatse for her service to the people of Johannesburg, helping to bring change to the more than five million people of the city who voted to keep the ANC out in the 2021 elections.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) and their Federal Executive is squarely responsible for Phalatse’s removal, having blocked a multi-party coalition deal formulated last week and agreed upon by negotiators of all parties – including the DA’s negotiators.

Mayor Phalatse performed well under difficult circumstances, having to try and keep a multi-party government operating despite being repeatedly undermined by the DA’s Federal Executive.

In this regard, Phalatse faced the same difficulties Herman Mashaba faced three years ago when he tried to keep a coalition government in the City of Johannesburg stable but was undermined by the DA. It is history repeating itself.

Her government saw an end to years of plundering by the ANC, and laid the foundation for rule of law, social justice and ethical leadership – core values of ActionSA.

We wish her well in her future endeavours. The ActionSA Johannesburg Caucus will continue to advocate for clean governance in the City of Johannesburg and work with opposition parties to keep the plundering ANC out of power.