ActionSA Urges NW Premier Bushy Maape to Stop Politicking and Focus on Service Delivery during SoPA

Recent remarks by North West Premier Bushy Maape at the State of the Nation Address debate in parliament last week. Premier Maape claimed that he travelled almost 200km from Mahikeng to Rustenburg without hitting a pothole, this cannot be true. Claims that the roads infrastructure in the North West Province are in a good state is not only misleading but could not be further from the truth.

When Premier Maape takes to the podium today to deliver his first State of the Province Address (SoPA), we hope that the address will put emphasis on how he will deal with the issue of infrastructure, crime,  sewer spills as highlighted by the Auditor General.

The days of painting rosy pictures of service delivery is over, some residents in the province go for weeks without water and basic services and we’ve seen this for ourselves as a party when we embarked on a PreSona campaign a few weeks ago. It is also clear for all to see by the frequency of service delivery protests in the province.

The situation in the province is so dire that at a Presidential Imbizo held in March last year in the capital city Mahikeng, residents decried the slow pace of service delivery, water problems, bad roads and unemployment. As always, corruption and mismanagement in all tiers of government were their top concerns. Nothing has been done so far to address all these issues and we would like the premier to tell us solid plans moving forward and stop politicking.

It is important to note that we are roughly a year to the national and provincial elections and as the premier announce his plans and actions tomorrow, may this not be another opportunity for ANC cadres to “eat” out of the provincial budget and performance plans.

The recent report by the Auditor general’s office that “not a single municipality in North West is financially stable” is highly concerning. Even more worrying is that the audit outcomes of North West municipalities have remained largely stagnant over the last five years.

According to the AG’s report, “Municipalities in North West have focused on negative trends, with only three municipalities having evidenced improvements, a worsening culture of accountability in the province under ANC over the past five years. The report adds, every municipality in the province had transgressions regarding compliance with finance management.”

The Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality where the headquarters of the North West Provincial government is situated, received an adverse audit with findings from the Auditor-General. In a layman’s term, this means the financial statements were misrepresented, misstated and did not accurately reflect the municipality’s financial performance and health.

Three material irregularities were issued against the district municipality’s management for failed water supply and sewage projects that have led to a continued lack of clean and drinkable water. We urge the premier to implement consequence management on the officials whom these adverse findings were made against.

The North West Province is ridden with incomplete projects amounting to billions of Rands paid to unscrupulous tenderpreneurs affiliated to the ANC. We would like to see that money recovered and returned to the fiscus.

The Premier would do well to take the people of North West into his confidence regarding the collapse of road infrastructure, state owned buildings and the closure of health facilities like the Pholosong hospital, Mathibestad hospital, Wesvaal hospital and Moruleng hospital amongst others.

It is public knowledge that the people of our Province have been denied basic services for a long time and they want change now.