ActionSA Welcomes Election Date

ActionSA welcomes the President’s announcement of the election date of 27 October 2021.

As an organisation, we have generated a level of momentum that is unprecedented for a newly registered political party, amassing more than 200 000 volunteers.

We stand ready to present our offer in this campaign of a political party built around a track record of government in Johannesburg, proven achievements in fighting corruption and an ability to grow in all communities to unify South Africans behind our call to Act as One for a more prosperous South Africa.

Currently, rather than distractions of by-elections to elect Councillors, ActionSA is focussing on its offer for residents to participate in our internal system of candidate elections. Currently thousands of residents have registered as voters despite the system having just opened.

A central part of our offer is fixing the broken political system where parties choose candidates but being the first party in South Africa to include communities in the decision over which ActionSA candidate will contest the elections.

ActionSA welcomes this election date, while other parties tried to unconstitutionally postpone these elections because they know South Africans have had enough of the established political parties.