ActionSA Writes to ANC eThekwini Regional Secretary Regarding Irregularities in Salary Payments for Staff

ActionSA has written to the African National Congress (ANC) eThekwini Regional Secretary, Mr Bongumusa Nciki, in an effort to address serious allegations brought to my attention by staff members of the office regarding abuse and salary payment irregularities.

It was brought to my attention that these challenges were encountered in September last year, and from then the situation escalated and salaries were not paid to some, while some received half of their salaries.

The situation worsened in December, and the staff was offered food parcels and food vouchers instead of their salaries.

Efforts were made in January to pay salaries, however, I was informed that salaries were paid in cash to approximately 45 staff members by the employer, to which the employer later informed all staff member that they will henceforth receive only half of their salaries.

In my letter to Nciki, I requested that he clarifies whether the allegations made by staff member are false or if they are indeed true, and if the allegations are true, when does he anticipate that his organisation will pay its staff members in full.

Lastly, I made the request that he specifies the source of the cash used to pay January salaries.

As an organisation that is committed to upholding the rights and well-being of all individuals without discriminating against their choices of political affiliation, we cannot ignore these serious allegations and must take immediate action to address them.

It is concerning that the ANC as the ruling party of our nation is unable to fulfil its obligation to pay its staff salaries, and as ActionSA, we will continue to protected vulnerable workers.

This situation raises questions about the party’s financial management and its ability to govern effectively, which additionally undermines the credibility and trustworthiness of the ANC, as its actions continue to reflect poorly on its leadership and priorities.

And as a result have requested that Mr Nciki provides us with feedback within the next 7 days.