ActionSA Writes to eThekwini City Manager Seeking Answers in the Lack of Movement in Security & Cleaners Insourcing Processes

On the 15th of August, ActionSA successfully tabled a motion gunning of the immediate insourcing of security personnel and cleaners stationed at various Municipal building within the eThekwini Municipality.

Council resolved to grant the Municipality a 3-month period to:

– Work out a cost breakdown of how much is the Municipality currently paying security and cleaner companies for their services.

– How much the Municipality will be spending to pay salaries.

– The finalisation of processes of the employment of cleaners and security personnel into the Municipality.

Despite the motion having passed by majority vote, the City Manager has failed to implement council resolutions within the given time period.

To this end, we have formally written to the City Manager, urgently requesting updates on the implementation of insourcing of security personnel and cleaners, requesting his transparency in expressing:

  1. Proper updates relating to the implementation of this matter.
  2. The cost analysis breakdown conducted by the Municipality in this matter.

However, it is disheartening that 5 months later, the Municipality is yet to provide us with proper updates on these processes. This situation raises concerns as it seems the matter has been relegated to the back of the cabinet, where it is most likely to collect dust.

Given that the eThekwini City Manager has fallen short of fulfilling his legal responsibilities in overseeing the execution of council resolutions and decisions, this further raises concerns about his effectiveness in the implementation of crucial measures within the Municipality.

Therefore, as ActionSA, we will not allow the City Manager to risk stagnation and lack of progress in this matter.

We will continue to maintain pressure and ensuring that the City Manager does not sideline or neglect these processes, as has been observed with other matters in the past.