Claims by EFF Against ActionSA Nominee for Tshwane Deputy Mayor are Baseless

ActionSA rejects the EFF’s baseless claims against ActionSA’s nominee for Tshwane Deputy Mayor, Dr. Nasiphi Moya, which are strikingly without basis.

These issues, which they have raised now, should have been raised at the time with the then-Executive Mayor, who issued the instructions for the trip to Saudi Arabia.

The EFF’s desperate move to only raise this issue after all these years smacks of political grandstanding, considering that at the time of this allegation, the EFF was in a cooperative arrangement with the government at the time.

It must be noted that Dr. Moya neither went on the trip with the delegation to Saudi Arabia nor issued instructions to that effect. It is unsurprising that the EFF raises these unfounded claims now to score cheap political points.

It is so rich of the EFF to imply wrongdoing on the part of Dr. Moya and claim to care about the expenditure of the city’s money, when just days ago it was exposed that high-ranking EFF MP, Vuyani Pambo, was partying it up with the infamous, ANC-linked tenderpreneur, Edwin Sodi.

The same Sodi who has been accused and blacklisted for his involvement in the R295 million Rooiwal Treatment Plant tender, which has seen several people contracting cholera and dying from the contaminated water which could have been avoided, had Sodi focused on completing the project.

ActionSA indeed held a commission of inquiry in which these were the allegations:

– It amounted to a R295 million award to a joint venture with both companies owned by Edwin Sodi for the upgrade of the Rooiwal Wastewater Treatment Plant.

– Neither company in the joint venture had any experience with this kind of project.

– The joint venture did not have the required funds for site establishment. The City of Tshwane paid R1 million upfront to float the costs of site establishment.

– The joint venture, in contravention of the supply chain policies of the City of Tshwane, had to be ceded R71 million upfront because it lacked the resources for the initial capital outlay.

– When the adjudication committee cancelled the tender award, the City of Tshwane inexplicably did not defend its decision in the legal proceedings brought by the joint venture.

Since the nomination of Dr. Moya as Deputy Executive Mayor on Monday, the EFF has deliberately mischaracterized the financial implications for the city. There is a seemingly desperate attempt by the EFF to tarnish Dr. Moya’s reputation.

ActionSA has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the residents of Tshwane and has been instrumental in resolving various issues, including the Hammanskraal Water Crisis and the month-long municipal strike.