Condolences to the Families of the Young Men Killed in Westbury and Eldorado Park

ActionSA has taken note of the upsurge in the ongoing gang and drug-related violence plaguing the communities of Eldorado Park and Westbury in the City of Johannesburg.

I, together with ActionSA Johannesburg Regional Chairperson, Emmah More, convey our condolences to the families of the 3 young men who lost their lives. As a Party that is intentional about restoring the rule of law, we will tirelessly walk the journey with our citizens to end crime & violence especially in these communities suffering at the hands of gang killings.

ActionSA is currently putting together a plan to address the issues plaguing Eldorado Park and Westbury with the aim of bringing a lasting solution to positively impact the lives of the residents and bring a definitive end to the killings spanning over many years. Many imbizos have been held with little to no results. We aim to put this action plan forward in the coming weeks.

Delegates at our policy conference by majority indicated that as we work to restore the Rule of Law, we must implement programs to support drug users and their families to win this battle and focus on the drug kingpins and gang members that are killing and escalating violence in these communities.

Whilst we start work on a workable solution, ActionSA recommends that the following urgent interventions be put in place so long:

  1. We call on the Minister of Police to immediately dispatch more resources to both these areas and for them to be proactive by conducting stop and search operations and target known hot spots.
  2. All Faith-Based organizations as well as NGO’s come together to call for calm and peace in these communities.
  3. The City of Johannesburg Mayor immediately starts the implementation of proper structures of drug task teams in these communities.

We would like to reiterate our support to the Eldorado Park and Westbury communities in solving this ongoing gang violence and the senseless loss of life. We will not stop ensuring that law enforcement spheres and our judicial system is accountable for making sure of arrests and convictions without fear or favour.