Dr Tutu Faleni

Higher Education

Introducing Dr Tutu Faleni

Dr. Faleni holds a BA (Hons) from the University of the Witwatersrand, a Master of Education in Educational Management from the University of Johannesburg and a Doctor of Philosophy, along with additional Postgraduate Qualifications in Governance and Leadership.

Dr. Faleni has served as a Member of the North West Provincial Parliament and lectured at both the University of South Africa and North West University.

With over three decades of experience in navigating the education landscape, in both academic and professional pursuits, Dr. Faleni is an accomplished education expert. He has acquired an in-depth understanding of our education system, the challenges it faces and the required solutions needed to ensure access to quality education in South Africa.

Coupled with his research experience and work in the public education sector, we believe he will be an invaluable asset as we work to reverse the decline of our education system and set it back on track toward equipping our children and youth with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

With Dr. Faleni’s expertise, he will be instrumental in our effort to ensure that the power of education as a tool to create a prosperous society is realised. This begins with ensuring competent leadership of the sector, who can address the structural deficiencies that have led to the decline of our education system.