Extortionist ANC Cadres Must Stop Selling Water to the Community

ActionSA North West is angered by the theft of two 10 000 Litre Jojo Tanks in Ward 3 in Disaneng Village in Ratlou Local Municipality. This discovery was made during one of our oversight visits in Ngaka Modiri Molema District where ActionSA has been on a campaign, as part of our public awareness programme to engage with citizens about the issues affecting them where they are ahead of the State of the Nation (SoNA) in February 2023.

ActionSA will therefore approach the Municipal Manager requesting that this problem be resolved as a matter of urgency if indeed the municipality cares at all about the quality of life of the residents.

It is heartbreaking to see public property meant to alleviate hardships that people face being looted in this way. These water tanks would have gone a long way to assist the community during these scorching summer months. We would like to see the people of Disaneng being afforded their dignity as guaranteed by the Constitution. 

ActionSA spoke to frustrated residents, and they have voiced their concerns that the municipality has no coherent plan and timeline to resolve the water problem. We urge the Ratlou Local Municipality to resolve the water crisis and discontinue the scheme to enrich ANC cadres and tenderpreneurs who are owners of water tankers and sell water directly to the community at exorbitant prices which rises to the levels of extortion of something that ought to be a basic human right.

We will be reporting the theft to authorities to investigate and apprehend the culprits. We will also pressure the municipality to secure the water engine that is left derelict on site.

The water crisis at Disaneng Village has been allowed to continue for way too long and it must be stopped. ActionSA will continue to have its activists on the ground to monitor the situation and will compel the municipality to attend to the fundamentals of service delivery. We will follow this matter until it is resolved.