Former Northern Cape MEC John Block’s arrest over R51 million fraud exposes ANC kleptomania

ActionSA believes the charges levelled against John Block in R51 million tender fraud during his time as Northern Cape Member of the Executive Committee (MEC) in 2003 highlights of the ANC both in the province and in South Africa have been long overdue and were driven by self-enrichment and stealing.

I have long called for the removal of Block – who is already serving a 15-year prison for corruption – as provincial MEC, but despite clear evidence of corruption – the ANC time and time again choose to protect him instead of holding him accountable.

His recent arrest for irregularly awarding a R51 million tender for a mental health facility to a company that didn’t meet the requirements highlights how the ANC in the Northern Cape would place its own interests ahead of the needs of the residents.

ActionSA believes that the only way to start fixing the Northern Cape is if we remove the kleptocratic ANC from government and restore service delivery which prioritises the people of the province.

Strong accountability mechanisms are needed to ensure that corrupt officials within the Northern Cape Government are swiftly removed and that tenders are rewarded to those who can actually do the work – not the cronies of ANC leaders.

ActionSA is committed to finding solutions to address the ANC’s culture of corruption within government, and that is why we have embarked on a comprehensive consultative policy campaign to engage everyday South Africans, academics and experts.

The policy campaign will culminate in ActionSA’s inaugural policy conference from 12 to 14 September 2023 where the party will adopt solutions to help fix South Africa and create a clear alternative to the current political establishment.

ActionSA believes that it is only when the ANC is removed from government that both the Northern Cape and the rest of South Africa will begin to attain prosperity.