Germiston Primrose Police Failure: ActionSA Writes To Police Commissioner To Intervene Within 7 Days

ActionSA has written to Gauteng Provincial Commissioner General Elias Mawela to intervene in Patrica Khoza’s criminal charges against an undocumented immigrant at the Primrose Police in Germiston, Ekurhuleni, to avoid further abuse of justice. If the Commissioner fails to take any action, ActionSA would be left with no other choice but to consider alternative legal remedies.

This past week, Khoza’s rights have repeatedly been infringed upon where, among others, she was refused by Primrose Police to open a case against undocumented immigrant for stealing her son’s phone; when she managed to open the case, the case was incorrectly classified as common assault despite theft taking place; and being irregularly called to a meeting with the undocumented immigrant where she was refused an opportunity to speak.

If it was not for ActionSA’s intervention, Khoza would never have been able to open the case against the undocumented immigrant – directly infringing on her constitutionally guaranteed rights – and the undocumented immigrant would have been able to get away with assaulting her son to get his cell phone.

ActionSA is particularly concerned about the conduct of police in this regard who deliberately blocked Khoza from opening the case, irregularly registered the case, and used false pretences to get Khoza into a room with the undocumented immigrant where she was not given a fair opportunity to respond. The police’s conduct in this regard is emblematic of what takes place in police stations across the country.

As a party which values the rule of law, ActionSA will not allow a further abuse of justice to take place which is why we wrote to the provincial police commissioner to take action in this regard. We cannot allow the hard-fought rights of South Africans to be infringed upon in such a manner.