Germiston Primrose Police Station Disregard of the Rule of Law Escalated to Gauteng Police Commissioner

ActionSA has approached the office of the Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner, Elias Mawela, to raise our concern about the evident disregard for the rule of law at Primrose Police Station and an apparent neglect of the Batho Pele Principles.

Our engagement with Commissioner Mawela was triggered by the ill-treatment of Ms. Patricia Khoza, who sought assistance at the Police Station in opening a case against an illegal undocumented foreigner. Shockingly, officers at the station not only refused to provide the necessary support but turned away Ms Khoza, whose son had fallen victim to assault and theft.

In voicing our grievances to Commissioner Mawela, we highlighted our dissatisfaction with the South African Police Services. The very institution entrusted with safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable members of society is regrettably gaining notoriety for carelessly trampling on the rights of defenceless citizens.

ActionSA has also requested that appropriate action be taken against officers on duty in the Customer Care Centre. We urge Commissioner Mawela to act in the minor child’s best interests, as mandated by legislation and the constitution.

Additionally, we have called for an investigation into the operations at the Primrose Police Station, the outcomes of which must address a situation where perpetrators of violent assault and theft seemingly enjoy more privileges than a South African citizen and her son.

In line with ActionSA’s commitment to the rule of law, we will continue following up on this matter until justice is served.