How Can Ramaphosa assure SA Eskom Looting Won’t Continue Under His Watch?

The announcement that Eskom has moved South Africa to stage 5 loadshedding typifies just how incapable the ANC is of running this country.

This is just adding insult to injury after Eskom announced on Thursday that it intends to pursue a 32.02% tariff hike by 2024.

It is inconceivable that the energy utility is asking the South African taxpayer to foot the bill for almost three decades of mismanagement of our energy apparatus.

It must never be forgotten that Cyril Ramaphosa served as the Deputy President during the Zuma years when looting and the pilfering of our SOE’s was at its peak. What guarantees can he provide that the fleecing of the taxpayer will not continue under his continued stewardship of the power utility?

South Africans are already stretched too thin with the cost of living on a precipitous incline and wholly unaffordable fuel prices.

There has, for a long time, been no question that there is a dearth of skills and political will to tackle our persisting energy crisis which has a very real human cost for business and employment in this country.

The truth is that South Africa is running out of time and our leaders have no plan to address it. Their only answer is to hold the South African taxpayer ransom by making them pay for government’s own failures.