Joburg Mayor Thapelo Forced Out Due to Pressure from ActionSA

ActionSA welcomes the overdue resignation of the ANC-EFF’s puppet Mayor Thapelo Amad ahead of our motion of no confidence in him tomorrow. We hope his resignation opens the door for a stable coalition that can oust the ANC-EFF in the economic hub of the country.

Mayor Thapelo Amad ran away at night to avoid imminent removal by a successful motion of no confidence, saving embarrassment for the ANC-EFF coalition. His resignation is due to the direct and ongoing pressure from ActionSA. He did not resign voluntarily as mentioned in his resignation address.

ActionSA remains committed to working together with all opposition parties to find a pathway towards a sustainable coalition government in the City of Johannesburg. The people of the city deserve better.

The ANC-EFF ‘Coalition of Doom’ Mayor Thapelo – what Gauteng Panyaza Lesufi called their “best shot” during a press briefing – was an embarrassment, and has repeatedly proven to be woefully ill-equipped and unable to articulate a coherent plan of action and vision for the City of Johannesburg.

ActionSA is firm in our belief that the people of Johannesburg voted for change in the 2021 municipal elections by drastically reducing the ANC’s majority, and the mayor, speaker and other office bearers’ elections were due to back-room dealings by ANC’s Panyaza and the EFF.

We believe that to fix South Africa, we must remove the ANC and their proxies from minority parties from power. We will continue to explore all avenues to collaborate with like-minded political parties to achieve that goal and to restore good governance and quality service delivery to Johannesburg.

ActionSA will not give up on the people of Johannesburg, and our commitment to fix Johannesburg, through a multi-party coalition that provides ethical and effective leadership at all levels of government.