DA’s Decision Puts Successful Coalitions at Risk

The joint collective of political parties that have committed to keep the ANC out of government in as many municipalities as possible notes with disappointment the video statement issued by the DA this morning.

In the statement, DA Leader John Steenhuisen dismisses the request made of the DA yesterday by all other parties in the multi-party negotiations and communicates this outcome without prior communication to coalition partners.

The DA communicated its refusal to consider minority coalition government in Johannesburg before proceeding to confirm that they intend to field a mayoral candidate. In so doing, the DA has refused the request made by the multi-party group to support an ActionSA Mayoralty in Johannesburg.

The multi-party group has no understanding of the DA’s intentions from this point on. It would seem that the DA will proceed to Council meetings next week without formal agreements with coalition partners that offer any comfort to the residents of these municipalities.

As a group, the multi-party group calls upon the DA to honour its commitment to keep the ANC out of these municipalities by engaging with potential coalition partners in good faith.

The multi-party group believes that it is of utmost importance and in the best interest of the electorate to keep the ANC out of government.