Joint Statement on Coalition Discussions

Leaders and delegations of the DAActionSAFF PlusACDPUDM, and Cope met in Johannesburg today to discuss the way forward on forming coalition governments.

This meeting was a follow-up on the meeting held on 15 November 2021 between these parties, and several bilateral discussions.

The discussions were constructive and the parties agreed that in the interests of the future of South Africa it is important to form stable governments which are serious about service delivery and arresting the decay of local government.

The discussions were mainly focused on Tshwane and Johannesburg Metros. The Johannesburg Metro Council is meeting on Monday, 22 November to constitute the council.

As far as the Tshwane Metro is concerned the parties agreed to form a coalition government and support the mayoral candidate of the DA.

In Johannesburg, the parties will attempt to keep the ANC out and form a minority government. The majority of parties present agreed to support the mayoral candidate of ActionSA. Consensus was thus not yet reached on Johannesburg.

The DA took a principled decision at their Federal Executive that where they secured the majority of votes amongst opposition parties, they will put forward their mayoral candidate. They will however report the contents of the discussions to their Federal Executive for consideration.

Further discussions between the parties will continue over the weekend to finalize and conclude the way forward.

The political parties expressed their appreciation to residents of these Metros for their patience in the midst of finalizing these complex negotiations. Members of the media are requested to afford the political parties concerned the space required to finalize these discussions and communicate the outcomes of such before councils convene.