Mamelodi Floods – City of Tshwane Must ensure ALL victims have a place to call home

ActionSA has noted that the City of Tshwane has finally begun the process of relocating the victims of the Mamelodi flood disaster which took place as far back as 29 December 2019. Since then, these fellow South Africans have not had a place to call home, even after Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, swore to move the effected families to a safe space as a matter of urgency. It is concerning that only 192 of the 790 families have been accommodated in the City’s present relocation plan while the rest of the families are to be left in state of unending limbo as the City of Tshwane cobbles together another relocation phase set to place sometime in the indeterminate future.

The victims of the Mamelodi flood disaster have every right to have government act swiftly and decisively to their plight. This has yet to convincingly happen. Instead, these victims have been served with nothing but broken promises on the matter – both from the City of Tshwane and the Gauteng Premier. We hope that the remaining 598 flood victims will not be left to the mercy of further political meanderings, petty bureaucracy, and further false promises by politicians. 

ActionSA has already pledged the services of our legal team to support to this community. Our lawyers remain ready to assist these victims. Further, ActionSA will write to the Tshwane MMC for Human Settlements, Mpho Mehlape-Zimu, requesting a detailed plan on how the City will ensure there are no further delays in the roll out the relocation process meant to benefit the remaining victims.

Tomorrow, ActionSA will meet with the community to ensure they are properly consulted on this relocation process.