Minister Gordhan’s Admission Corroborates De Ruyter’s Claims

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan’s admission that former Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter spoke to him about corrupt individuals vindicates De Ruyter and the claims he made during an interview on e.TV, and shows the ANC’s inability and refusal to address serious allegations of corruption within its ranks. 

During an interview with Newzroom Afrika which aired today, Gordhan told journalist Govan Whittles: “Yes, he has made illusions about certain individuals. But, it was precisely that: illusions.”

Gordhan’s remarks follow De Ruyter’s interview with Annika Larsen last week in which he said he had raised concerns to a “senior government minister” that governance around the $8.5 billion agreement with the United States, European Union and others was open for abuse by ANC politicians.

De Ruyter said: “And the response was, essentially, you know you have to be pragmatic, you have to, in order to pursue the greater good you have to enable some people to eat a little bit.”

Minister Gordhan’s response on Newzroom Afrika corroborates the assertions made by De Ruyter. It furthermore shows that Minister Gordhan would shield his peers from addressing corruption allegations and would instead blame the whistleblowers who raise them such as De Ruyter.

It is well known in South Africa that corruption cases opened by whistleblowers with the South African police go nowhere, and instead the whistleblowers themselves are persecuted for raising alarm. It is also a matter of public record that De Ruyter and Eskom have opened numerous criminal investigations which to date remain incomplete.

Minister Gordhan’s comments reaffirm ActionSA’s belief that the ANC is a criminal syndicate which exists to enrich its own members. The organisation will do everything in its power to protect its own members than investigate serious allegations of corruption, similar to what we have seen with Phala Phala.

South Africa can be a prosperous country which provides meaningful employment and living conditions for all those who live in it, but that will only happen once the ANC is removed from power in the 2024 elections and ActionSA – a party which values ethical leadership – leads a coalition government.