Petition to Demand Answers on Ramaphosa’s ‘Missing’ $4 Million in Cash

SARS and the South African Reserve Bank must tell South Africa if they were aware of Ramaphosa’s $4 million in cash. 

It would seem, on the surface, that a number of laws which exist to prevent money laundering in our country, have been broken.

South Africans must be told whether any declarations or documentation had been submitted in relation to foreign currency transactions at Phala Phala and whether the South African Reserve Bank has any knowledge of this. We also demand to know whether or not SARS had knowledge of these funds, whether declarations were made in respect of this cash and whether tax had been paid in respect of such transactions.

It is illegal for South African businesses to transact in foreign currency unless it is for export purposes, and even then, documentation would exist to legalise such a transaction which had to be by electronic transfer and never in cash. It is further known that tourists are limited to only foreign currency not exceeding R25 000, and no local citizen would be able to hold more than $10 000 in foreign currency.

In a country where the rule of law remains a threatened principle, and where South Africans are exposes to so much lawlessness, it is of grave concern that the President’s statements this week would suggest he has broken the laws of our country.

What is most troubling is that President Ramaphosa remains evasive and wanting to treat this like an in-house matter that should not concern the rest of the country. This has been consistent with his prioritisation of the ANC of our country and it cannot be tolerated any further.

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Stolen or Money Laundering?

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