Mme Kopane is back to lead ActionSA in Fixing Free State

This was the statement made by the newly-appointed ActionSA Provincial Chairperson for the Free State, Patricia Kopane, at a press conference in Bloemfontein, Free State, this morning.

When I resigned from the Democratic Alliance few weeks ago, I informed the public that it was no longer the political home for me and that I am seriously searching for a party that I can call my home.

I am proud to announce that today I have been appointed as the ActionSA Free State Provincial Chairperson entrusted with leading this province to the 2024 election and to deliver our offer for a better Free State.

I am now a true Actioner.

I served the DA for over 19 years. I am a true Free Stater born and raised in the small village of Dithutaneng in Qwaqwa.

It’s quite critical for me to give you a brief background about myself, to let you know why I chose ActionSA as my new political home.

I have been in political arena for almost two decades, this places me in a best possible position to lead this province to the upcoming 2024 General Election.

When I was a leader in this Province, I was appointed to lead the following portfolios in the National Assembly:

  • Shadow Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure;
  • Shadow Minister of Health;
  • Shadow Minister of Social Development; and
  • National Assembly Whip

I believe that I am an asset to the politics of the Free State because I am an ethical leader whose skills, experience and background will be invaluable to ActionSA and this province.

As we work towards growing our organization nationwide, there is definitely no doubt that ethical leaders will add value our efforts to unseat the ANC who have allowed this province to languish in destitution for far too long.

The Free State remains one of the provinces that has been ravaged by high levels of corruption and gross mismanagement of state resources with many of its municipalities, including this Mangaung Metro being placed under administration as a result of unqualified, incompetent politicians of the ANC- most notably Ace Magashule.

This province’s departments have been used as troughs for corruption, looting, and fraud instead of serving the people of the Free State.

It is not lost on me that before me stands a mammoth task of leading this province into a new age of compassion and good governance.

I am committed to the cause of fixing the Free State and making a meaningful contribution, serving the people of South Africa.

I commit to you today that I will take up the fight against corruption which remains the cancer affixed to this province.

Let me be clear.

When I vow my commitment to this province, I mean I am ready and committed to getting justice for the people affected by the ANC and Ace’s craven corruption.

That is to say that I will crisscross this province and hold the ANC government accountable for their involvement in the:

Vrede Estina Dairy Farm debacle;

Asbestos atrocity;

The financial destruction of the Mangaung Metro; and

The whole-scale destruction of the province from QwaQwa to Bloem. From Kroonstad to Thaba ‘Nchu.

I cannot wait to be your premier my people of the Free State.

Let’s fix the country.

Let’s start with the Free State.