New Plan Required to Tackle Violent Crime in South Africa

The shock announcement of crime statistics in the 1st quarter of this year is a clear indication that our criminal justice system is failing South Africans.  The crime statistics reveal at 22% increase in murder, a 24% increase in attempted murder and a 13% increase in sexual offense cases.

The failures of the ANC government to maintain a rule of law through our law enforcement agencies and criminal justice system have reached a new low. It is clear that our country has been on auto-pilot since Cyril Ramaphosa became President and retained failed Ministers Like Bheki Cele to solve problems that they have failed to address from Zuma’s so-called 9 lost years.

It is clear to all South Africans that our country has become a haven for criminals who see how their crimes go unpunished. It has cheapened the value of the lives of the South African people and it cannot be allowed to continue.

ActionSA is focussing on the development of its national policy suite ahead of the 2024 general elections, because the only way our criminal justice system will work is if the ANC is removed from power.

This process, as it relates to our criminal justice solutions, will involve bringing together experts like policemen and women, detectives, judges, prosecutors and forensic experts.

Arising from this a blueprint will arise that will focus on the following key areas of intervention:

  • Increasing our police force significantly and restructuring the police service to have a higher percentage of officers on the ground protecting communities.
  • Adoption of innovative technological solutions to increase the effectiveness of policing, including integrated fingerprint and DNA systems as well as empowering CCTV camera networks.
  • Capacitation of detective units with specialised fields, equipment and resources to ensure that more cases find their way to our courts with a higher probability of convictions.
  • Expanding our prosecutorial capacity and courts to ensure that justice is delivered effectively and efficiently in our country.
  • Establishment of specialised units to address priority crime areas like corruption, infrastructure theft, gender-based violence and drugs.
  • Initiating a discussion about repeat offending violent criminals who cannot be allowed to return to society and steal, rape and kill.

In addition to new leadership of our country, it is clear that new solutions are required to achieve greater levels of safety and justice for the South African people.

ActionSA will regard this particular policy area as a major focus in its 2024 offering of an alternative to all South Africans so that hope can be restored in the rule of law in our country.