North-West Government’s Unspent Budget Will Lead to Fewer Services, Poorer Roads and Less Jobs

ActionSA is concerned that the North-West Government’s underspending of its budget by as much as R1 billion rand will lead to poorer quality roads, worse healthcare provision and ultimately fewer services to the most vulnerable in the province.

The province – which is plagued by one of the highest unemployment rates in the country – has already been found to have sent back as much as R419 million to the National Treasury, and, with a week to the end of the financial year, that figure is set to rise.

ActionSA believes that the province’s underspent budget could’ve been used to improve the living conditions of thousands living in the province and help to create an enabling environment for job creation.

National Treasury found that North-West Department of Health failed to utilise over R256 million of its budget, the Department of Public Works and Roads nearly R373 million and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development failed to spend over R85 million.

The underspending comes as the North-West is already known as one of the most dysfunctional provinces in the country. While the provincial leadership would like to downplay the crisis, the truth is that residents are not receiving services with service delivery protests happening across the province.

The return of funds to National Treasury illustrates the failure of a government as the money was intended to improve the lives of North-West residents.

ActionSA will continue to advocate that the province uses the money disbursed to it to improve the lives of our residents and help to enable job creation. For too long the people of the North-West have been forgotten by greedy politicians, and ActionSA – a party committed to social justice – will ensure that they don’t get away with it anymore.