Phala Phala: Ramaphosa Must Resign or Face Impeachment

ActionSA notes Parliament’s Section 89 report into the Phala Phala Saga in which it finds that indeed President Cyril Ramaphosa has a serious case for which to answer.

As such Mr Ramaphosa must resign or face impeachment without further delay. South Africa cannot afford more years of another President with criminal charges to answer for at a time when our country needs ethical leadership.

Specifically, the Section 89 panel concluded that there is prima facie evidence  that the President may have committed:

  • A serious violation of sections 96(2)(a).
  • A serious violation of section 34(1) of PRECCA.
  • A serious misconduct in that the President violated section 96(2)(b) by acting in a way that is inconsistent with his office.
  • A serious misconduct in that the President violated section 96(2)(b) by exposing himself to a situation involving a conflict between his official responsibilities and his private business. of the Constitution.

ActionSA has always maintained that President Ramaphosa’s conduct in this regard was criminal and he should vacate his office and spare the country any further humiliation of his creation.

We have also maintained that there is no “good ANC” or “bad ANC”. That the ANC is a criminal enterprise, and our position has been vindicated by this latest development.

South Africans deserve a president whose leadership is beyond reproach and after Jacob Zuma, now Cyril, it is clear that ethical leadership cannot be found in the ANC