Polokwane By-election: ActionSA Emerges as the Biggest Winner

impopo’s political new kid on the block, ActionSA, has emerged as the biggest winner in the three-horse highly contested Ward 10 by-election in Moletjie, Limpopo Province. Without a branch in Ward 10, ActionSA persuaded John Hlongwane to take membership of the party and stand as a candidate in the 25 January 2023 by-election.

Campaigning in an environment where three months ago the residents had not even heard of the name ActionSA, the new but definitely not small party has virtually emerged as the third biggest party in Limpopo.

Commenting on the outcome of the by-election, a senior ANC elections analyst commented as follows:

“The ANC declined by 5% , whereas the EFF declined by 1 only. So ActionSA cannibalised 6% from the ANC and EFF as well as 4% from elsewhere, maybe from fraudulent voters.”

What has really evaded the learned ANC analyst is the fact that the ActionSA has begun to inspire young voters who for a long time have stopped voting because of their disillusionment with the governing party’s failure and corruption. It is the new spirit of hope that is exemplified by ActionSA that young people are returning to active politics and reclaiming their place in society. The future of ActionSA lies in mobilising millions of disillusioned youth to believe in their country and our democratic project.

If one looks carefully at the results, it is only the ruling party, the ANC, that lost in this by-election. The EFF retained the ward and declined marginally while ActionSA, contesting for the first time, obtaining double-digit growth.

The Ward 10 result is a clear warning to the ruling party in Limpopo Province that between now and the 2024 general election disaster is looming for the “leader of society.”

ActionSA’s Project 2024 is in full swing with 131 branches launched in this province in 7 months. By 2024, ActionSA will have a branch in all the over 500 wards in Limpopo. This green train has gathered speed and will only pick up as it readies itself for the all-important 2024 electoral bid.

We want to appeal to the people of Limpopo to join and support this new kid on the block if they want real change in this province that has been mismanaged and heavily looted by the ruling party since 1994.

Change is on the horizon. Remember that ‘greater than the marches of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come.’