Tshwane Deputy Mayor Returns Travel Allowance Paid to Her by the City

On Friday, The Deputy Mayor of Tshwane, voluntarily returned the travel allowance, along with accrued interest, that had been paid by the City to her account for a trip subsequently cancelled. 

The Deputy Mayor has been proactive in addressing this matter, offering assistance, and expressing her commitment to reimbursing the funds without any prompt from the City.

It is important to note that the aforementioned amount was initially intended as a travel allowance for an official international trip to the Middle East, during the period when Dr. Moya served as a member of the staff in the office of the Executive Mayor.

In line with her commitment to transparently address this matter and maintain the integrity of her office, the Deputy Mayor, voluntarily returned the amount. This demonstrates that ActionSA operates at a higher ethical plane than what is legally required.

In responding to the counterfactual suggestions that have been made, it is important to clarify that Dr. Moya had no control over the travel arrangements or the subsequent cancellation, thereby dispelling any insinuations suggesting impropriety on the part of the deputy mayor. 

Crucially, following the cancellation of the trip, the City did not make any formal request for Dr. Moya to return the amount paid, which can be attributed to the standard nature and purpose of a travel allowance advance payment. 

Despite the city not having requested the return of this amount, Dr. Moya has since repaid it in full. Dr. Moya had offered to pay interest on this amount, but the city could not accept it, after which Dr. Moya accordingly donated the interest to charity. A donation of R6 000 has been made to King’s Hope, a women’s shelter in Olievenhoutbosch.

By studying the facts surrounding this issue, and with the Deputy Mayor’s full co-operation, these circumstances, when considered objectively, dispel any allegations of malintent.

The Deputy Mayor wishes to reassure residents of Tshwane that her sole focus is on revitalising the city and delivering on key commitments with the ultimate goal of restoring the Capital City of South Africa to its status as a world-class city.