Update from Multi-Party Coalition Meeting in Gauteng

The Coalition Oversight Group, consisting inter alia the national leadership of all the parties forming the multiparty coalition in Gauteng, met today in Johannesburg to discuss a variety of critical matters.

The COG deliberated on broadening the numbers of the coalition in the Johannesburg City Council. These discussions are not concluded.

Included in these discussions were the adverse finding of the Auditor General with regards to the City of Tshwane. This matter occupied the deliberations of the COG, as effective action to rectify these findings is regarded as urgent and fundamental to the visible change from failed ANC governance the multi-party coalition in Tshwane has committed to deliver.

The COG has agreed to reconvene later during the weekend, to obtain the necessary information from local coalition structures, in order to assess the quality of the urgent interventions it wants to see and determine the necessary political consequence management that will be required.

Political parties in the coalition remain deeply committed to ensuring that the adverse findings arising from the Auditor General are dealt with decisively and transparently in a clear departure from how failed ANC governments respond to these issues.

It is anticipated that further communication will arise over the course of the weekend in relation to these matters.