The IEC Does About Turn on Fundraising for MPDF

The IEC has conducted an about-turn on its active involvement in fundraising for the Multi-Party Democracy Fund (MPDF).

The reversal from its previously communicated position arose in the exchange of legal letters, in which, the IEC conveyed that the donations into the fund, to date, and anticipated donations, do not arise from active fundraising on behalf of the IEC.

This follows 6 weeks of meetings and letters, including from the Chairperson of the IEC, Mr Glen Mashinini, where the IEC vigorously defended its involvement in actively fundraising for the MPDF.

While ActionSA is pleased with the IEC’s change of approach on the matter, it remains unclear as to what has brought about this about-turn. 

On the one hand, it is possible that the IEC realised that they, coincidentally, had nothing to do with the specific donations in question and that conveying this quells any prospect of an urgent court interdict. It is equally possible that the IEC has received legal advice that their involvement in active fundraising to the benefit of some political parties is patently a violation of their constitutional mandate.

We, however, remain adamant that the efforts of the IEC to disassociate from any role played in respect of current and imminent donations, does not equate to accepting that no active role in fundraising will take place in the future.

For this reason, ActionSA has written to the IEC and conveyed its demands that the IEC be given until close of business on Friday 30 July 2021 to provide us with satisfactory measures that no official or agents of the IEC will actively solicit donations for the MPDF in the future.

Should the IEC not accede to this demand, ActionSA will approach the High Court to obtain declaratory relief.